In this episode we explore how the Quran was preserved , how previous scriptures were altered and the unique qualities of the Quran which no other book has .

The Quran is full of wonders and miracles and within its message there is vastness which is far more vast then any ocean. we explore how the Quran effected peoples lives and how the tone of the quran and the message of the quran transformed peoples lives.This episode also covers how we muslims can connect with the quran, what are the practical steps a person can take towards understanding the Quran? what did the people in the time of the prophet pbuh say about the Quran? was the quran revealed for all mankind or just for muslims? is it enough to just recite the quran? or is it important to understand the message as well? all of these are very important and interesting issues all of which are explored in detail in this episode.

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